For your child's best online experience

Lack of applicable safety knowledge is the reason children are at risk online.


When they know how to be safe online, they will...​

    Choose positive online materials

    Support  friends  and family for a positive practice

    Report to trusted adults on questionable encounters

The app that teaches kids online safety, while they surf the web.



A comparison of a standard blocking page from content filtering software  with one of our educational-based blocking pages

Does your child know what to do if faced with this situation?
"Someone at school texted me over and over, every morning, a text saying, 'You are stupid'. It didn’t get to me for the first few days, but after two weeks, I started turning off my phone in the morning and deleting new messages without even reading them. I think the way to combat it is to ignore it."
When kids are blocked without understanding why, they can feel frustrated. Pebble Park ...
Explains dangers in a nonthreatening,
child-friendly way
good Internet
usage habits
Teaches appropriate
social behavior for
online forums

Pebble Park uses images to add fun, friendly safety lessons to the blocking software you already use to safeguard your child.

Adorably illustrated Internet safety tips

Preview Pebble Park’s Internet safety learning aides by clicking on any of the cards below.


The combination of my childhood and my IT career ignited my desire to make sure children are safe online. I create apps to provide kids with the knowledge and intuition for positive and focused learning with the ability to recognise a potential safety risk online.


My vision is that every child knows how to be safe online.


Maddy Estar


FnF Group Pty Ltd

ABN:22 125 722 330




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