The app that teaches kids online safety, while they surf the web.

Created for children ages 13 and under, Pebble Park is a collection of beautifully designed, poster-like cybersafety messages called Pebbles that appear when Internet blocking software detects a restricted web page. For variety, these Pebbles are hosted in the cloud and are refreshed to a new Pebble everytime the page is reloaded.


Pebbles can be added to a content-filtering software that you have already been using, and it will replace the software's default blocked-page warning. Instead of simply denying access – a refusal that may frustrate a child and discourage him or her from exploring the Internet and getting positive benefits from technology – Pebble Park uses the blocked page as an educational opportunity to reinforce Internet safety in a friendly way.


For more frequent and variety of displaying Pebbles, set our Pebble page as the browser’s default home page.

To obtain high-resolution Pebbles for printing, or to host Pebbles locally on your network (rather than accessing them from the cloud), please contact us and let us know about your requirements.


Our current Pebble can be found at 

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The simplest way to reinforce cybersafety messages for your kids

Bringing updated and relevant cyber safety information to your child has never been so easy: 


Download the Pebble Park's App or Chrome extension


Click on the install button


That's it – just type a web address in the browser you think should be blocked, and you will see a Pebble on the blocked page

Also, you can set your child's browser default home page to show a pebble as well. See how here .



Blocking notification

Colorful characters to draw kids’ attention

Clear and simple messages from industry experts

Customizable to

suit your specific needs


This FREE of charge option is for computer laptops or desktops only.  Simply follow the user guide and you can get 100% full benefits as you could get from the fee-paying option. It includes download and install Chrome extension and optionally, set the browser's default home to Pebble at

For Computers

For iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, please download the Pebble Park's browser app. It costs $2.99 AUD.

All set up is done in the app and you can use it right away after install.


Pebbles will be displayed on both blocked and home pages.

Mobile Devices

Custom Services

If you have a specific requirement, we can work with you to meet your needs. Customisation services we provide include options such as:
  • Design consultation
  • Pebble creation
  • Integration and hosting
Please contact us to explore and discuss your visions.

Specific needs & customisation

Default Features
Applicable to all of our services
From the Experts
Content is sourced from industry experts on online safety, cyberbullying, adult content, online grooming and more.
Fresh Content

Pebbles are replaced with more up-to-date each week, keeping up with the on-going change of online threats.

 Perfect Timing
Children are reminded of online safety and other matters as they begin browsing or run into a blocked page.
Self Service
The more someone run into a blocked page, or surf the web,  the more frequent they get the reinforcement.
Set and Forget
Parents and teachers save on researching times and efforts as we work directly with experts for constant updates.
Topic Categories
Content categories are suitable for various age groups. Pebble Park Kids is for children between the ages of 5 and 13.

Blocked Page

Using Pebbles on your kid's blocked pages

To use our pebble on blocked pages, please check with your existing web filter support on how to change blocked error message to an alternative page.


Otherwise, let us know here which filter you are using and we'll contact you if we have the instructions for your filter.


If you would like to use Google's Chrome Extension, click on the Get Chrome Extension link below.


This browser extension is powered by the BlockSi web filter and is set to automatically display Pebbles each time a blocked page is reached.


Home Page

Using Pebbles on your kid's home page

Our Pebbles are always available for anyone to connect to at any time. To use them as your kid's default home page is as simple as setting the browser's default to /pebble.


Below, we have steps for some of the most widely used browsers.

We can work with you to create block pages that suit your needs. This service includes:


We work with you to understand your block-page requirements, to set benchmarks, and to target outcomes.


We source knowledge from industry experts and produce content with our team of graphic designers.


We post block pages on our web portal, integrate them with your filtering technology, and host the service internally or externally to your IT environment.

Click here to contact us for custom services.



The combination of my childhood and my IT career ignited my desire to make sure children are safe online. I create apps to provide kids with the knowledge and intuition for positive and focused learning with the ability to recognise a potential safety risk online.


My vision is that every child knows how to be safe online.


Maddy Estar


FnF Group Pty Ltd

ABN:22 125 722 330



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