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We will remind your children about Cyber Safety 
before they start surfing the web
when they run in to a blocked page

Give it a go!   - it's all FREE!

For default home page setting;
     1. Go to the link on the left-hand side for 'this week's home page'
     2. Set your browser to use this page as it's default home page
For default blocked page setting;
     1. Go to the link on the left-hand side for 'this week's home page'
     2. Find out from your existing filtering software on how they allow blocked
         page be set to an alternative page
For blocking software with our blocked page already set;
     1. Go to 
     2. Click on the top right corner button " ADD TO CHROME" 
     3. Please note;
  •  Our product is still in Beta stage - we did all internal testing and it runs well in the Google Chrome browser environment

  • It works with Google Chrome browser on a desktop, laptop or tablet _only_ at this stage 

  • It does not work on mobile phone's browers

  • It may overwrite your existing content filtering if you already have one installed

Our Mission: Promoting Cyber Safety for All  

Pebble Park was born out of a mission to keep children safe online. We pioneered and patented (Australia and the U.S.) custom block page services that allow schools and parents to display educational cyber safety content when restricted websites are accessed.

Our patented technology supports web browsers across devices and platforms. It enables the display of creative cyber safety projects for school programs as well as simple internet safety tips tailored for children ages 5-13. We partnered with pilot schools in Australia to design, create and host these custom block page services and launch accompanying Android and Apple apps for parental monitoring.

We expanded into public Wi-Fi services at libraries, transportation hubs, shopping centres, restaurants and airports. Corporations began utilizing our services to promote their brand visions, messages and workplace cyber safety compliance.

What started as an initiative to protect kids online has emerged as an industry-leading practice that delivers proven benefits for child internet safety and improved corporate cyber security postures.

Today, we also help mitigate Internet addictions, empower businesses with smarter branding, and collaborate with domain experts to co-create a better digital world.

Pebble Park, working together for a safer digital world.


About Us

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